Content Marketing Agency in Bath – let us help you convert, retain and develop more customers

content marketing agency in Bath

Content Marketing Agency in Bath – let us help you convert, retain and develop more customers

Blazon is a content marketing agency in Bath. We are privileged to work with both local and national clients. We are designers, writers and marketing experts who can help you develop and implement your content marketing strategies.

How can content marketing help you?

Content marketing is a relatively new ‘wrapper’ for many things including information pieces, blogs, booklets, emails and a plethora of other marketing support items such as website landing pages, opt-in forms, pop-up banners through to social media adverts; in fact anything that seeks to engage and gain a response from prospects and customers. And over the last few years it has grown and gained in importance.

An explanation for the rise in content marketing’s popularity comes from a combination of factors, these include:

  • Changes in the way consumers now buy
  • Consumer’s ability to do their own research, prior to making buying decisions
  • Consumer’s blatant distrust of ‘being directly sold too’

Quite simply, consumers are looking for more substance from suppliers, companies and organisations. And those that are willing to provide more advice and information stand a better chance of gaining a customer’s business.

But content marketing is not just about the initial purchase. By providing your customers with continuous information, you will inevitably sell more, thereby increasing the long term value of your customers.

You will also find that adverts (in any media), or direct mail, can benefit from being underpinned by a strong content marketing strategy that supports and optimises these sales campaigns.

This can be achieved in so many ways from newsletters through to downloadable information, blog and web content, and videos to name a few.

Big or small, all business can benefit from providing more content

Whether you are a small or medium sized business, in B2B or B2C, a simple content strategy can help your business.

As a small, experienced content marketing agency in Bath, we can help you develop your content marketing strategy along with producing the relevant materials to deliver the content to your prospects and customers.

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