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Digital Marketing

Marketing is getting increasingly complex. There are now so many areas to consider within the mix of marketing, that implementation and getting everything done is becoming a big problem for many SME businesses.

The other problem is that as many of the marketing channels have become increasingly technology driven – meaning a certain level of knowledge is required to use them.

The flipside is that this is great because it does provide many opportunities, but the downside is not just getting things done, but knowing what to do and how to it.

Setting up automated marketing funnels

One way to address marketing implementation is to consider automating the marketing process. And technology does allow us to do this very effectively.

Consider lead generation; it is possible to devise a system that takes prospective customers through a pre-conceived, automated sequence that provides them with what they want (information to solve a problem), through to the point of purchase (your product or service that solves a problem).

You may initially reach out to customers via print media, email, social media or Facebook Marketing for example; but your objective will be to drive those customers to your website to download more information, then to follow up with more information, be it emails, videos, demonstrations etc. – a nurturing process.

Much of this can be automated, it’s even possible to respond to customers, using email or Messenger Marketing, depending on certain actions they’ve taken, such as visiting certain web pages, or clicking on certain links. Unfortunately, this does involve use of increasingly complex technology and the joining up of sometimes several proprietary systems.

We can help you set up your automated marketing system

As a digital and marketing automation agency in Bath, we have the knowledge and experience to help you set up your marketing automation strategy, through to its implementation. We can help you ‘harvest’ and nurture your very valuable leads, making sure you optimise every opportunity that arises.

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