Information Product Marketing Agency in Bath

information products marketing agency in Bath

Information Product Marketing Agency in Bath

We are a small content and information product marketing agency in Bath. We help our clients produce information products in response to what their customers are looking for.

Increasingly customers are doing their own research prior to making buying decisions.

The thirst for knowledge is there, and the methods for satisfying it openly available, certainly on the internet. So, customers are taking advantage of this. Why? simply to limit and reduce their risk when buying.

Customers are willing to take the time to compare companies, products and services. And they will do this whether their need is now or in the future.

So, for many businesses to compete effectively within their market sectors it is important for them to respond according to what their customers want and require.

Responding to what your customers are looking for

At the outset you need a good understanding of the problems your customers’ have and how you can solve them.

Then instead of blatantly selling at every opportunity, you need to provide the information your customer’s are looking for that will not only help them with their decisions, but will also build a rapport, trust and confidence in you and your own business. This is what we also call gravitational marketing.

Solve your customer’s problems with an info’ product

One of the most effective ways of fulfilling your customer’s need for knowledge is with an information product. Information products come in varying forms, to name a few:

  • White Papers
  • ‘How-to’ information
  • Cheat sheets
  • Tutorials
  • Reference information
  • Case studies
  • Webinars

They are all packaged pieces of information that help your customers and demonstrate your own abilities and know-how.

It is not unknown for some companies to actually monetise their information product marketing, using membership and subscription services; such is the need for some customers to obtain knowledge and their own expertise within their particular field of business, they are willing to pay for information.

As a content and product marketing agency in Bath, we have successfully produced many ‘information products’ for our own customers. These have been used as ‘marketing’ pieces for both lead generation and upselling to existing customers.

Think how some supermarkets produce their own magazines and some food manufacturers produce recipe books – these are all early forms of information products, produced to strengthen the bond with customers.

How could you use information products within your business?

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