Looking for a cost-effective method of marketing?

Looking for a cost-effective method of marketing?

Like many businesses, you may feel overwhelmed at times deciding on ways to attract more customers. You might have studied what others are doing in your sector and wondered if you should be doing the same… Perhaps you’ve leapt from ‘marketing idea’ – to ‘marketing idea’ without really understanding and engaging with your potential customers and then felt discouraged by the results… All of this is frustrating when you know your products and services are great – you just want to stop the ‘guesswork’ and find the best way forward…

What you need is a powerful ‘all-in-one’ marketing solution (and yes there is one)… A powerful and extremely cost-effective marketing tactic that, when regularly implemented, could provide you with the results you’re looking for. It’s called a ‘newsletter’ – yes, you did read that correctly! The ‘humble’ newsletter (a PR and in-house comms stalwart), has come full-circle to take centre stage as one of the simplest, but most effective techniques to market your business, your products and services in today’s busy marketing environments. Why are newsletters so effective today? The simple answer is they are powerful and versatile. People, more than ever before, like to research and seek out information prior to making purchasing decisions – and newsletters offer them the perfect format to ensure they know who you are and what you offer. The newsletter is also a great mechanism for building relationships – regularly keeping in contact with your customers will reassure them that you are the right company to buy from. It’s this pro-active, regular communication with your potential and existing customers that will keep your business ‘front of mind’.

It’s important to remember to put your customers first when delivering information in your newsletter; talk to them from their point of view, in terms of solving their problems. Provide them with helpful information; educate them, prove you know what you’re talking about. But don’t be boring, show some personality and don’t be afraid to add some humour and personal touches. If you cover these bases your newsletter will work hard to:

  • make your customers ‘like’ you, thereby building relationships
  • provide trust and confidence in you, your products and services
  • demonstrate your expertise
  • increase customer knowledge about everything you do
  • develop your branding and differentiate your business from your competitors. If you were to send a printed newsletter (still judged to be ‘the’ best, and most effective form), you could add an article that will drive people online to view or download more information from your website. Newsletters are a ‘give-to-get’ or ‘gravitational’ form of marketing – a powerful medium that delivers on so many levels.

As you’ve probably read many times, content is ‘king’ when it comes to marketing. A great way to ‘feed’ your content strategy is to create a regular newsletter. Powerful, versatile and cost-effective – all content presented in a newsletter can be re-purposed and served-up in lots of different ways – see the accompanying graphic.