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Web Development

Something to bear in mind when choosing your web design agency

The terms web design and web development are actually quite confusing. One would suggest a website is all about aesthetics, whereas the other implies something of a more technical nature.

Because of this confusion, many who are looking for website development gravitate to graphic designers who dabble in web design. Whereas others look to those who are predominantly programmers, thinking this is what they need.

Of course true web design demands the input from those who can boast both of the above qualities, but in addition also a strong bias towards marketing and marketing strategy.

Web Design: Who should you use?

Only those who understand marketing, lead generation, sales and marketing funnels (and how they work), along with the prerequisite web development skills, should be involved in designing your website(s).

The reason for this is that your website should be more than just static pages that provide an introduction and outline of your business. A well developed website should both help to generate and convert sales.

This means that there are many techniques and tactics that need to be employed throughout your website, above and beyond website design, including lead generation, to links through to other automated marketing processes.

SEO Optimisation at the outset

Whilst designing your website, it is also beneficial to optimise it for search engines at the outset. The reason why this is important is because an SEO, keyword and competitor analyses will have a bearing on your overall website structure. Not only this, it will save on doubling up on, or having to re-produce website text that is keyword optimised at a later date.

Your website should also be a ‘living-thing’. In other words, regularly updated and providing interesting and helpful information for your customers. This can be achieved with a blog section.

We can help produce the right website for you

As a web design agency based in Bath, we offer a strong marketing bias, coupled with equally strong design, writing and web development skills. These are born from over twenty years’ experience.

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